Deploy Nuxt.js app to Digital Ocean + config HTTPS


  1. Connect via SSH
    ssh root@nice.droplet.ip.address
  2. Update
    sudo apt-get update
  3. Install nginx
    sudo apt-get install nginx
    Check version: nginx -v
  4. Install NodeJS (min. 8th – in video)
    sudo apt-get install nodejs
    Check version: node -v
  5. Install YARN on Ubuntu – more info 
    Check version: yarn -v
  6. Make dir for app
    mkdir nuxt
  7. Connect server to GitHub/GitLab (video | min. 10:50)
    1. generate SSH
      1. set SSH key like deploy key in GitHub/GitLab
  8. Change root folder in nginx configuration (video | min. 14:30)
    I didn’t know commands in vim editor.
  9. Prepare app in command line on server
    1. git pull
    2. yarn install
    3. yarn run generate / yarn nuxt build

Skills on Ubuntu

Let’s encrypt! Use HTTPS


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